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A Second Breakfast

Poetry, Prose and Songs


about the book


A Second Breakfast by Gary Horsman represents a lifetime of experiences. "This collection of poetry, prose and music echoes what is at the very heart of its creator. From the first poem 'Camino de Santiago' with its declaration, the earth is my mother, the sun my father to 'In Celebration Of' with its evocative line – Goosebumped bay – the natural world unfolds in a flow of delicious verse." says fellow author Susan Moore. She goes on to say "...each exquisite piece is a building block of a structure that mirrors a true, artistic life".

Also enclosed is a CD – beautifully narrated by Jon Miller, Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster, voice of the Giants and original songs by Gary Horsman.


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Camino de santiago


At a poet’s pace
we retrace
the way of St. James.
Inhaling the last sweet breath of Fall
I pause,
leaning against the slate stacked black wall
adorned with moss and wild berry,
feeling the warmth on my face;
the sun feels like god to me.
Take in all that you can
for only in this moment we stand.
Though, now behind the pilgrims that we
set off with this morn
ahead of those who have yet not been born.
Blessed are those who seek the truth,
and when they have found it,
they deny it,
for in the searching is where it lies.
Truth is within the faith that one finds within themselves.
The earth is my mother.
The sun, my father.
And he is but one of many.


Gary horsman


To all who befriended me, and I them. To those I met in my life and travels who have touched me ever so briefly regardless of the circumstances; through the painful, long silences, or the timeless streams of laughter, in love, grief, happiness, and sorrow; from this comes these poems and songs. A piece of my heart was taken and a piece of one's heart was given, keeping the circle unbroken.

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MAY 26  SAT11:00-1:00pm   Music with Gary Horsman and Bill Haines • San Gregorio General Store


JUNE 23 SAT7:00-9:00pm     A book signing with readings by Jon Miller and musical performances by Gary • Moss Beach Wine Room


JUNE 30 SAT11:00-1:00pm    Music with Gary and Bill Haines • San Gregorio General Store



BOOK — Poetry, Poems & Song original works by Gary Horsman. Illustrations by Janine Miller, Lisa Chu, Gary Horsman, Clinton Miles, Robert Stow and Tena Watts

CD — Poems and Prose narrated by Jon Miller (left), Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster, voice of the Giants.
Songs performed by:
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar / Gary Horsman (middle and right)
Rhythem & Lead Guitar / Bill Haines (middle left)
Standup Bass / Bill Sullivan (middle right)
Harmonica / Andy Just
Cello / Renata Bratt
Úkulele / Sam Kupau III
Spanish Guitar / Mike McCall